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We've got a CD for you Myla!
Betty's Not A Vitamin
by Myla Madson

I've always liked most of my daughter's music and have even accompanied her to a few concerts. Actually, I was the taxi service again and not permitted to acknowledge her existence while at the concert hall, but still, I usually enjoyed myself, happily sharing the experience with other forgotten parents up in the nose-bleed section.

A fair compromise I suppose, but my sister would have none of it. She told me there was a story about this band in the paper just the other day and that they were nothing but a bunch of drugged up hippies playing the Devil's music.

Oh my, the Devil's music?

Yes, the Devil's music!

I asked her the name of the band and she said it was, "Betty's Not A Vitamin".

... this is only an excerpt. Read the whole story here!

Originally published on for Myla Madson Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Article Source: Betty's Not A Vitamin

07 Jul 2008 by Rob

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